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Thank You, New York! and Bloating

June 25, 2011

Why hello there.

(Warning: political rant ahead. Some of you probably have different political views as me, and I don’t want to offend anyone. But since it’s my blog and I really wanted to mention this, I figured, what the hell? So anyway, read with caution.)

Did you hear about the gay marriage bill in NY? For those of you who don’t know, the New York State Senate passed a bill last night which legalizes gay marriage in the state.  I was thrilled when I learned it passed, and all I can say is, it’s about fucking time!!!

Oh my goodness, this is such a huge step forward in the fight for equality. In my very strong opinion, marriage is based on love, not gender. Since this isn’t a political blog (though sometimes I wish is were, because I am pretty damn passionate about gay rights and other issues) I won’t get too much into this. I just wanted to say that I spent so much of today overflowing with pride. I’m not a New Yorker, nor am I gay, but I believe everybody deserves the same rights and freedoms. For goodness sake people, it’s 2011! Can we please get out of the 1300’s??? In the end, whether the end is 2020 or 2100, the gay community WILL win. No matter what BS argument you try to use, denying gay couples the right to marry is unconstitutional! Sooner or later, gay people in this country will be accepted and embraced. Anyone who opposes it is just wasting her/his own time.

Anyway, for most of today I’ve been so happy for all of my gay friends, gay people in general, and America as a whole. This is progress people, and a huge accomplishment. I couldn’t be more proud of my country for taking this incredible step.

(Okie-dokie. All done with the political rant. We now return to regular blogging.)


 So I’ve been really bloated today. Bloated and, quite frankly, gassy as well. Which I guess also counts as being bloated. Which means my stomach is huge. Or at least, my interpretation of huge.


Yes, this is on an empty stomach. I just finished eating, so it’s probably bigger…


I definitely remember last time’s psychotic break, panic attack upset over my period bloated belly. So even though I’m very frustrated right now, I’m reminding myself to keep calm and breathe. I’ll probably start farting a lot (TMI? Yeah…probably), or get my period soon. Either way, it’s not permanent. This too shall pass.

Breathe in, breathe out.  

Wanna see my new obsession?

SIAB, or more like soft-serve protein ice cream. It is so refreshing, filling, and delicious. Texture-wise, it is very close to soft-serve or frozen yogurt. Taste-wise, it’s like a protein shake. Especially now that it’s getting hot, this is a great breakfast for when I’m not feeling the hot oatmeal. 


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 serving of chocolate whey protein powder
  • 2 tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • 2 packets of truvia
  • 1/2 teaspoon or so coconut extract
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • a few frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum
  • 1/4 teaspoon guar gum
  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut flour (optional – I use it for a little added thickness)
  • 17 ice cubes

Blend the milk, protein powder, cocoa powder, coconut extract, and truvia. Then add the nanner and strawbs (feel free to use any frozen fruit you like) and pulse just once or twice. Dump in all the ice cubes, the gums, and the coconut flour. Blend on high for a few minutes. Pour into a bowl and enjoy the cold, creamy deliciousness.

Sidenote: Depending on the strength of your blender, you may need to stop and give it a stir or two. On high, mine usually grinds up the ice without any difficulty.

Since this post is so random already, let me randomly show you a picture of a coffee I made for my mommy the other day. I was actually really proud of the way it turned out. And I just love cinnamon in coffee. Ok, so I love cinnamon in almost everything, but it’s especially good in coffee. 🙂


Are you interested in politics? What are your views on discussing it with people?

For whatever reason, politics is such a taboo subject. When I’m with my friends, I let lose and go at it. Any other time, I try to keep quiet. It’s a shame, because it’s something I’m so interested in and wish I could discuss more often. Aw man, now I really have an urge to make a politics-based blog. I’ll definitely think about it. 😉

Do you like smoothies?

I used to find that they were not at all filling, but this recipe keeps me full for hours!

Coffee or tea?


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  1. Lucy permalink
    June 25, 2011 7:55 pm

    Ah I’m bloated too! It sucks so so much and it makes body image so hard. The thing is I keep eating because I’m hungry…which probably makes the bloating worse. I don’t know why I’m so hungry but I do think it’s because I too may be starting my period. We can do this, no stupid extra air in the stomach is not going to get to us!!

  2. June 25, 2011 8:12 pm

    I’m really not into politics at all. I love smoothies, I find them very filling! 🙂

  3. June 25, 2011 8:13 pm

    YAY for gay marriage being passed!! thats honestly so so fab!.. oh gosh girl thats not bloating.. my stoamch is like that normally!! honestly.. no joke… no one has a FLAT stoamch wheere when u look down its flat..sometimes from photos straight on a stomach can look flat but when its turned there is ALWAYS some bloating or stomach sticking out.. unless they are clearly underweight an dunhealthy.. seriously tho.. my tummyi s like that all the time!

  4. June 25, 2011 8:26 pm

    I LOVE SMOOTHIES!! 🙂 Especially the green ones. 🙂

    I’m sorry about the bloating — I hope it calms down soon.

  5. proudpatriot07 permalink
    June 25, 2011 8:41 pm

    Sorry about the bloating :(. That time of the month definitely sucks because of that. Hopefully it comes soon and the bloating goes away. But yeah, movesnmunchies is right. Even at my smallest weight, my tummy was never board flat. And I think sometimes you lose a lot of weight around your chest and ribs, it almost makes your tummy SEEM bigger than it is just because everything else is so small. I guess we all have to have that little bit of fat there, that’s what makes us women, that’s why we can have babies and all.

    I’m not really a smoothie person… I know, I know… other bloggers are gonna attack me, but I really don’t drink very many of my calories.

    Totally with you on NY passing the gay marriage bill. All the real problems we have in this country, yet people want to complain about someone loving someone else, I mean seriously. If someone doesn’t like gay marriage… they don’t have to get one… lol.


  6. June 25, 2011 10:28 pm

    I totally agree with you on the gay marriage thing! I’m so sick of people being so backwards-minded and unaccepting of others that they think are different or weird. It’s just not right, so I’m glad that the bill passed! I’m not really into politics but there are some things I am passionate about.

    Sorry about the bloating 😦 I honestly don’t think your stomach looks big at all, though! I don’t struggle with bloating, but I still deal with fullness. I get full really quickly and then hungry again soon after so it messes with my mind but I’ve found that just eating smaller-than-normal meals more often really helps.

    Smoothies are delish but I’ve never tried one in a bowl! I might just have to try your recipe…

  7. June 26, 2011 12:05 am

    I LOVED your political rant! You’re clearly a very passionate person and I love hearing your views. 🙂 And of course, as you know, I’m also totally psyched about marriage equality in New York! I agree that it’s about damn time!

  8. June 26, 2011 12:27 am

    guar and xanthan gums often cause boating for many people, they aren’t really “normal” things to consume, even if they are “natural” it is not always natural for consumption with out side effects- do some research. but you don’t look that bloated, most peoples tummies look that way daily, you just seem to have a disordered viewpoint.

    • July 6, 2011 2:56 pm

      I was going to say the same thing about the xanthan gum. I’m extremely sensitive and often getting terribly bloated if I eat more than one piece of fruit, or any broccoli unfortunately, so I completely relate. I’ve found that drinking ginger or peppermint tea can help ease the gas. Also, laying on your side and pulling your knees to your chest tends to help.

  9. June 26, 2011 12:31 am

    First off about the bloating, it’s something that you may need to come to terms with. When I first reached my healthy weight, I started bloating even without a period and it rarely goes away these days. I’ve just come to terms with that just being how my tummy is. It’s not the be all, end all of the universe my tummy sticks out a little. It’s completely normal!

    I’m so pleased that New York passed that bill! I feel very strongly about gay rights considering that my own Mother is a lesbian and she and her partner have had a child together. They plan on getting married in the future but in New Zealand they are only able to get a civil union which I guess is better than nothing. My Mum has been in a civil union before with her previous partner but they split up a while ago. I think it’s wonderful that America is finally starting to loosen up. First a black president and now this?! It’s such great progress!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    I’m not all that into politics…and I tend to zone out when people discuss it with me because I really don’t care…people tell me I should care but it’s not like that is going to make me haha.



  10. June 26, 2011 9:14 am

    You are such a brilliant person, you know that? I love that you are passionate about politics, it is so important for us to be aware of our human and democratic rights and to pay attention to the political development in our country.
    I was really pleased to read about the changes in New York law too, because as you say – we all deserve the same rights.
    Now, let us just hope that Obama gets that economy up and running again, so he stands a better chance winning the next election! ( Woop, my opinion there 😛 )

    As for the bloating, as Katy said you might have to get used to it and learn to live with it. My stomach gets bloated, so does my mothers. All we can do is breathe, relax and just…live! 🙂 It is only a part of our body who pops out a bit, it doesn’t change the one we are.

    All my support and love your way Bryana ❤

  11. Jessica permalink
    June 27, 2011 8:00 am

    I seem to be bloated the whole time at the moment. I don’t know why. I’m trying to take the mind set that it’ll pass too but it doesn’t seem to be budging.

    I LOVE politics. I know it’s uncool to admit it but I do. I can’t understand why people don’t care/aren’t interested because it’s everywhere, it influences everything we do. I was so happy when I read gay marriage had passed in NY. I hope that the UK moves to full gay marriage rights soon and not just the civil partnerships we have at the moment. I love your ranting, you should do it more often. 🙂 My friends often bear the brunt of my political rants too! 😉

    Gotta to admit that smoothies are not my favorite things. I like them from time to time but I’d rather just eat the fruit, tbh!

    I limit my coffee intake to one a day (and only if I feel like it/want it) otherwise I drink water or tea.

    Have a lovely week! 🙂

  12. June 27, 2011 6:30 pm

    First off, you probably know, but coffee wins in my heart every time!

    I am so sorry about the bloating though Bryana 😦 I know how bad it can be, I have had it quite a bit myself, and not only is it painful physically, it is hard mentally too. I am so proud of the way you are handling it though. Stay strong and know it will pass<3

    The end of the ban on gay marriage is great. I agree with you 100% I certainly have my views on politics, but I think it is all so messed up anyway, it is useless to try to convince people of my opinion… It is great when positive steps like this happen though 🙂

  13. June 28, 2011 8:17 pm

    I AM interested in politics, and I think that you and I probably share many of the same views.
    I’m so glad that NY passed the bill, as well 🙂 Great day for history making!!
    But I really enjoy reading your opinion, so I welcome posts like this!

    As for the bloating, like you said, don’t worry too much over it.
    Some days I look as big as a houseboat and the next I’m thin again. It’s strange..
    But you are still really thin/fit, so don’t worry about it. You can tell by just looking at your arms and toned legs that you are not fat AT ALL!

    Your protein smoothie looks really good!
    I just got a blender a few weeks ago, and I’ve been obsessed with smoothies!! I’ll have to make this one soon 🙂 I have chocolate protein powder, but for some reason it’s like a fear food for me.. Dumb, I know.

    Love you Bry! 🙂
    ❤ Haley

    P.s. Tea! Arizona Diet Green Tea to be exact. Directions: Drink straight from the gallon 😉


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