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Three Things Thursday

April 28, 2011

Oh hey! How are ya’? Well, I hope!!!

I’ve never done a Three Things Thursday post before. I don’t know if I’ll do them every week, but I want to do it today! 🙂 I’m not sure if the three things are supposed to be about any particular subject, so I’ll just pick some stuff I want to talk about. 

1.) Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was once again wowed by all of your amazing comments and support on my last post. It’s great to know that some of you have experienced this as well, and that I’m not alone. Oddly enough, my hunger cues and appetite have been pretty normal today. I’ve been really trying to eat more calories in less volume, and it seems to be helping. Here’s hoping things stay normal! 🙂

2.) C and I are going to Dunkin Donuts today. There are 2 parks within walking distance, and the plan was to get coffee and then go to a park. At this very moment, it is pouring rain, and thundering. So unless it lets up, we’ll either stay in DD or get really soaked. Honestly though, I don’t mind getting rained on so unless he cares, I think we might just brave it.

3.) My first thought during those “fat days” was that I had to reduce my fat intake. A day or two later I realized why fats would be the worst macro to cut out. I have enough muscle, but I cannot afford to lose any of my fat stores or I can say hasta la vista to my period. Anyway, since I decided I must continue to consume insane amounts of nut butter (Aw darn. Well, if I have to… ;-)) I’ve been enjoying them with most of my meals. But even if there is no nut butter present, I’ve been eating a lot of really yummy (and random) things:

After tasting fresh coconut water in Puerto Rico, I was eager to have some again. I saw this in the supermarket and thought I’d give it a try. I am so glad I did! This stuff in so freakin’ delicious. I’d say it’s even better than the fresh, straight-from-the-coconut one I had on vacation. It was so sweet and rich, and I was surprised that there were only 50 calories per bottle. The next day I went and bought myself another one. Mmmm!!!! 😉


Mug-o-cereal! Some kashi go lean, kashi autumn wheat squares, and 1/2 a banana, sliced. This was on the night I had no appetite whatsoever. I haven’t had cereal and milk in a very long time, so this was yummy.


Sweet potato, 1/2 topped with soynut butter, the other with peanut butter, and some Chobani + cinnamon + truvia for dippage!


Today’s lunchie. I had 2 toasted sliced of ezekiel bread, one plain, and one with chobani + truvia and strawberry jam. I also had a string cheese, and of course, a nanner + nutter. This one was 1/4 pistachio butter, 1/4 soynut butter, and 1/2 peanut butter.



Have you eaten anything new or exciting recently? What?

Why do you refuse to start slipping?

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  1. April 29, 2011 3:52 am

    oi LOVEEEEEE that nut buttered banana! im eating one right now actually ! hehe… the most exciting thing i ate recently was the banana bread i baked the other day! topped with pb= heaven!

  2. time for happiness permalink
    April 29, 2011 8:43 am

    I refuse to start slipping because I have been down that road FAR too many times, and its just not worth it. I know it feels like I’ll be in control… but I wont.
    New? Hmm… chocolate covered almonds 🙂

  3. April 29, 2011 9:39 am

    Hahaha, when I have cereal I eat it from my coffee mug too 😀 It’s much more festive.
    I refuse to start slipping because because I know now that it can not make me happier/better/perfect. And because I’ve got a bit more of a life now. I’ve got things that I want to do. I want to get good marks at school and I want to travel and create and live. And I know that if I slip up, I won’t have the energy to get what I want out of life. And I won’t enjoy life, at all. And I don’t want that to happen. Again.

  4. April 29, 2011 4:54 pm

    Sorry I missed your last post, beautiful one. I agree with those advicing you to make an appintment with a dietician to find out how to eat to feel strong all day long. It’s so important to hold on to everything you’ve acchieved ( which is BEYOND amazing ).
    Your body needs a lot of food to feel happy and strong, but it is difficult to find the right balance. With that being said, I know you have the strength to work through this 🙂

    I’m really proud of you for fighting to stay on track, that shows so much strength and determination my friend 🙂 Know that you inspire me, thank you.
    I refuse to start slipping because I KNOW with all my heart that it leads to no good. Anorexia nearly killed me and I am determined to do everything to prevent that from ever happening again. I got my voice, my healthy voice, and that is to be followed.

    Love you!

  5. Corrie permalink
    April 29, 2011 5:56 pm


    Love this post!

    I was wondering what your thoughts on Kate Middleton extreme weight loss? It’s really troubling to me because I don’t think that you should have to be super thin to look beautiful for your wedding day….

    • April 29, 2011 11:01 pm

      Hey Corrie. Thanks for the comment and great question. To answer your question, it greatly upsets me that Kate felt the need to lose any weight whatsoever. It upsets me when anyone feels the need to lose weight for anything other than health reasons. Obviously, if you’re 400 pounds, loosing 200 or more would be extremely healthy and beneficial. But to be thin and feel the need to lose a dress size or two to get married is absurd. And many women, famous or not, want to lose weight for their wedding. With Kate, it is only worse because she is such a public figure. Having media coverage of her weight loss just seems to enforce the wrong idea that it is ok/necessary to lose weight for your wedding. And for those who really look up to Kate, the message then becomes, “Oh, Kate lost weight, so I must lose some as well!”
      Yup, you could say this subject is troubling (or completely infuriating) to me. And I totally agree, you do not have to be skinny for your wedding. Most of the time, skinny and beautiful aren’t even the same thing!!!

  6. April 30, 2011 8:00 pm

    Okay so Bryana, you know that that sweet potato looks like the best thing I’ve seen ever in my life. Yum. My kind of meal!! I need more than that, but still, yum!
    And yum, that banana & nut butters looks delicious!

    I like what you said about weight loss to the comment about Kate. It’s hard to see a public figure on a ‘weight-loss kick’ even when they don’t need to be. It’s especially difficult for us dealing with ED to see ourselves as beautiful when these GORGEOUS women do not.

    Anyway, love your progress 🙂 You really are an inspiration!

    I’m in Philadelphia and last night we went out for legit Philly Cheesesteaks! And then ice cream. I opted for froyo but I mixed in oreos & peanut butter. Big fear foods for me! It used to be my favorite, but I haven’t had it in so long.

    ❤ Haley

    • April 30, 2011 8:35 pm

      Good for you Haley. I am so proud. Ah, oreos…I don’t really eat them. I LOVE them, but haven’t even tried to eat one. I should though. They are so good and it’d give ED a good kick in the B-U-T-T.
      Ah, Philly Cheesesteaks. What an accomplishment. I’m serious! I am so happy extremely proud of you!

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