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Restaurants, Birthdays, and NYC!

February 25, 2011

Good Evening Girlie-Mirlies! (And guy. Hey, I know I have at least one male reader.)

So I did go to the restaurant yesterday. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement about going. They really helped me feel less anxious!

My problem with restaurants isn’t that I feel like it’s  a waste of money (since my parents pay! :-)) or that I feel like I could make a yummier version at home. My problem is I don’t know every single ingredient, the amount of said ingredients, or the total calorie content. That’s what my concern was, and still is. But, I survived it and am stronger because of it. Actually, I really had a nice time with my Mommy.

Unfortunately for ED-reasons, I didn’t have a galette. I googled the basic ingredients, and when I saw butter and whole eggs, ED immediately chimed in, “No way!” So I got an omlette, which was also ED-ified since I asked for egg-whites only. I also brought my own fat-free vinaigrette in a small container, because I knew their vinaigrette contained a lot of oil. But, who cares that it was egg-whites and fat-free dressing? I sure as hell don’t because I just ate in a restaurant. The food was probably sautéed in OIL and who knows what else. In fact, I did see some oil dripping out of my spinach, but I kept going and I ate it all. 🙂

My mom ordered a Galette Vegetarienne, which consisted of sautéed tofu, tomato, carrot, asparagus, red beans, swiss cheese, grated cheese, and topped with a drizzle of bechamel sauce. It came with a mixed green salad on the side.

And I ordered #2:

Oh yeah, another ED-ification was no goat cheese (which I love… :-(), but like I said, I’m too proud of myself to be sad about it!

All gone!


Sadly, about 3 minutes into the car ride home I started having some stomach pains, and had an upset stomach for the rest of the night…I guess I’m not really used to this kind of food. Oh well, the pain was worth conquering this challenge.

Now, moving on to more exciting news:

My 16th birthday is tomorrow!!!!! 🙂 Now the coolest part of this whole thing is not actually being 16 years old. It’s what being 16 legally means: come Monday, I  will start to drive! Me. Driving! I can’t even believe it, but it is true. And I am so freakin’ excited, I can’t even contain myself. Sadly the DMV is closed for the weekend, which means I have to wait 2 extra days, but at this point, I’ll survive. I can’t wait to let you guys know on Monday evening how it went.

Thankfully, I will have a distraction this weekend to get my mind off of anticipating driving. My parents are letting me take off from dance because they are taking me into the Citaaay for the weekend! I won’t be blogging tomorrow because of that, but I might Sunday night if I’m not too tired. If I don’t then I know for sure that Monday I will give you a recap of my weekend and how driving went.

Tomorrow morning at 11 I have an appointment at my hair salon (specially for curly girls) for a trim and deep conditioning. I adore that place. They always make my hair look amazing and my curls so defined, which I can never seem to do at home. And they serve this amazing complimentary iced-tea that has the perfect amount of fruitiness and sweetness to it. Last time ED didn’t want me to have any, but I hope tomorrow I will.  

For the rest of the day my parents wanted to leave it up to me. I’m thinking Amy’s Bread for lunch after the salon. I’ve had the Parisian Breakfast (there she goes again with Paris! ;-)) there once before, and I am definitely eyeing it again. This baguette is the real deal folks. It’s not just any old bread dough molded into the shape of a tube. It’s baguette dough of the finest quality. Sorry to get all foodie on you here, but I’m serious. The crust is so crisp and crunchy and the mie (inside dough part) is soft and light as air. It’s almost as good as the ones I ate in France, which is definitely saying something.

Afterwards we might see a show or something like that, but again, I’m not sure. On Sunday, at least for the morning, I don’t know what we’re doing either – again, they wanted to leave it up to me. But in the afternoon, we are going to the Palm Court in The Plaza for afternoon tea. We almost went last year but ED got in the way (the stupid looser has ruined waaay too much for me!) and the time before that I was about 7 or 8. Needless to say, I am very happy and excited to go.

So I get to spend 2 full days in the City, get my hair done, have tea and pastries in The Plaza, and learn to drive. I think this might just be the best birthday ever!


What’s the legal age to start driving where you live?

We can get our permit at 16. Once we’ve had it for at least 6 months and are at least 17 years old, we can take the road test for our licence.

What’s your best birthday memory?

I think this one will be mine! 🙂

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  1. February 25, 2011 8:29 pm

    You should be proud of yourself, girl! That’s a huge accomplishment to eat out in a restaurant, even if ED tries to butt in.

    I could get my license at 16 but I had to wait about a month after my birthday because we had to have our permit for a whole year until we could get our license and I got my permit about a month after I turned 15. That’s super exciting that you get to drive! I really love driving, it just gives you so much freedom.

    My best b-day memory was for my 18th birthday back in July. My mom surprised me with my first manicure ever at this cool spa and I got a pink designer purse. And a few days later, we went to this amazing water park!

    Have a great birthday Bryana and enjoy your weekend in NYC! I’m so jealous 😉

  2. Sarah permalink
    February 25, 2011 9:38 pm


    Enjoy your day in the city, love! I’m so proud of you for being determined to keep ed out of it! He does not get any say in what you do for your birthday. Enjoy those baguettes and anything else your heart desires. You DESERVE it : )


  3. February 25, 2011 9:47 pm

    Have a good birthday. Glad you got to go out to eat…but yeah, (again, my issue not to put it one anyone else) that is why it feel like a waste of money for me to go out to eat though- I’m soo worried about what’s in it (unless perhaps I have the nutrition guide in some places..but even then..), that it feels not worth the money(since it’s supposed to be enjoyable), especially if someone else is paying.. and I don’t think my taste buds are alive or something, because I usually don’t taste much, lol. Never been to New York, but it always looks ridiculously nice, ha XP
    I believe I could have gotten my license at 16 or so, but the license would have had restrictions- like no driving with other minors in the car or no driving after a certain time at night, etcetera. I just got my license about a month or so ago though..Eh, better late then never..
    Best birthday…don’t have one.

  4. February 25, 2011 10:12 pm

    Good for you that you ate at a restuarant! I know that takes a lot of courage, you deserve to be proud of yourself!
    I hope that you have an amazing time in the city tomorrow. Have an amazing birthday and try not to let your ED ruin it for you. Let yourself enjoy the experience, no regrets.
    I’ll be thinking of you if I’m struggling to enjoy my own NY experience.

  5. February 25, 2011 10:28 pm

    Bryana! Happy *early* Birthday!
    16 is a fun year 🙂 It should be, anyway. And it will be for you!
    You’re doing so great kicking ED butt! I know what you mean about it being scary to go out and not know what happens with your food, but letting go of some of that control is necessary and healthy! 🙂
    Also that baguette sounds sooo good. You’re making me want to eat again, haha.
    Have fun in the city! 🙂

    Oh, my favorite birthday memory.. 18- at Pump It Up. This place with inflatable jumping stations.. so much fun. haha
    And I got my permit at 15 and license at 16 🙂

    Once again, have the best birthday ever! Keep smiling. You’re such an inspiration for me!
    ❤ Haley

  6. February 25, 2011 11:15 pm

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have the best day. It’s exciting turning 16. Personally, I didn’t have a “Sweet 16” but it’s a birthday. Yay birthdays!

    Where I am you can get your permit at 15 and licence at 16, but it’s a restricted licence with a curfew and limit on who can be in the car with you until you’re 18. I’m 17, my permit expired over a year ago and I am yet to get a licence. I don’t really mind, either.

    My favorite birthday memory, that’s a hard one to answer. Oddly enough, it was probably my 16th. I didn’t have a big blowout birthday bash, but my grandparents were over from Montana and my favorite aunt and uncle came and my boyfriend, so it was really nice.

  7. February 26, 2011 3:26 am

    you SHOULD be proud!! you made a big step nonetheless Bryana!! you cant do everytthing at once.. (go to a restaurant, order a cheesey filled omelette, eat all the non fat free versions) is just not realistic.. but you accomplished something and that is super super good and you should be proud!!SO JEALOUS.. im already older than 16 but you cant drive in london until your 18 and by them Id be going back to the states anyways.. BOO

  8. February 26, 2011 10:11 pm

    Happy birthday!!!!! Your day plan sounds amazing I must say 🙂 I know you will love it!

    And I am so proud of you for doing so well at the restaurant! That is so great ❤

    Have a wonderful birthday celebration!


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