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A Food-Filled Day

February 21, 2011

Hey guys!

I don’t really have time to post tonight. I promised my dad I’d make him some chicken parmesan as soon as actually bought chicken. He finally has, so I’m off to cook in a minute. I took a lot of foodie pics today, so I’d like to show them to you instead of the usual nightly novel.

Pancakes for lunch today! 🙂 I had some fat-free cream cheese mixed with vanilla and truvia for spreading, and artificial, chemical-laden, low-cal syrup for drizzling. I also had a chobani and blueberries.

This recipe was delicious! They are Katie’s Red Velvet Pancakes. Katie, you my dear are a genious. I threw some banana slices on one, and it got all burnt and caramelized. So good!

Yesterday, one of my best friends turned 17, so I gave her a pretty cardigan and baked her some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. I didn’t have one  😦  but I think they were good since she ate 6 of them.

I don’t really want to start rambling, because I seriously don’t have time, but I do want to say that to this day I marvel at her genetics. She eats junk-food like it’s her job. 2 donuts are a typical breakfast for her. She ate 6, read six cookies in one sitting. Yet she is so thin, (waaay thinner than I was before I lost weight) but not in an unhealthy way at all. I admit I’m jealous that her body can do that.


The fresh strawberries and blueberries my mom bought yesterday were definitely included in my dinner.

I had a sandwich of two fried egg-whites with a ton of tabasco sauce on ezekiel bread. Then I had my yogurt mess of chobani, raisins, banana, blueberries, strawberries, and Kashi Go Lean.






What are your genes for weight gain/loss like?

What is your favorite kind of berry?

I absolutely adore blueberries!

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  1. February 21, 2011 9:33 pm

    Hey girl, your food looks oober-yummy! I think I’ll have to try those pancakes soon 😉

    Sometimes I think I have a fast metabolism, and sometimes I don’t. I think when I eat less for a little while, I end up actually gaining weight, which sucks, but if I eat my normal amount, I usually maintain and sometimes even lose! I think I have a fast-ish metabolism, but a small stomach capacity, so I really can’t eat that much in one sitting. I’ve been underweight my whole life, so I think I’ve always had pretty good genes as far as that goes, but I kinda screwed it up with restricting.

    Oooh, it’s so hard to pick my favorite berry because I pretty much like them all. I guess I’d say 1. raspberry, 2. blueberry, 3. strawberry, 4. blackberry and 5. acai berry (I’ve never had an actual one, I’ve just had it in things and it’s pretty good).

    Hope your dad enjoys the chicken parmesan. Have a great rest of your night, Bryana!

  2. February 21, 2011 9:40 pm

    I do not have a fast metabolism. I burn calories at a frustratingly average rate. Only frustrating because I watch my friends shovel food down without gaining an ounce! But thats my eating disorder talking 😛
    Your pancakes look delicious!
    My favorite berry might be rasberries.. or strawberries.. or do cherries count?
    I can’t choose haha.
    Enjoy the rest of your night Bryana!

  3. Lucy permalink
    February 21, 2011 10:42 pm

    That’s so nice of you to fix your dad dinner! I used to love to cook for my family, and I still do but sometimes ED gets the best of me.

    As an athlete, my dietitian tells me I have a fast metabolism but slow it down with all of my restricting. Through in the occasional binge and my metabolism is for sure out of wack. I am hoping that with recovery I can regain my faster, normal metabolism 🙂

    And what a coincidence – I made those pancakes for lunch today too!!

    I can relate to looking at other girls shove food down their throat like it’s nothing and still look the same. But I always remind myself that we’re all different and our bodies respond in different ways.

    Thanks for such great and thought provoking posts- I love them!

  4. February 22, 2011 8:21 am

    Now I want pancakes for lunch later today, lol.
    My metabolism is….I’d like to say slow, but that’s becuse I am short- 4 foot ten, so I eat less than most people anyway by default…or rather, I WOULD if I didn’t exercise like mad. So I probably eat just as much or more than alot of people. So I don’t really know.
    My favorite berry? Probably blueberries, the texture is best to me, blackberries and raspberries and even strawberries can weird me out with the texture ^.^”

  5. February 22, 2011 3:45 pm

    I think my metabolism is somewhere in the middle between fast and slow. My dad has a slow metabolism and my mom’s is crazy fast , so I’m somewhere in between.

    Favorite berry – strawberries all the way!!!!

  6. February 23, 2011 9:22 am

    How sweet of you to make your dad dinner! I am sure it was delicious! Mmmm…pancakes with bananas are amazing! LOVE!

    I used to (and sometimes still do) get upset and jealous about other people’s metabolisms. My sister is very thin and she eats anything she wants. She has been known to eat 1/2 of a 10 lb. bag of gummy worms in one sitting. She eats entire pizzas in one sitting regularly. This used to make me so mad! I used to ask “WHY CAN’T I BE LIKE HER?!?!?” But you know what….I love eating healthy. I would not feel good if I ate like that all the time (my digestion is not the best…sorry for the tmi). Also, metabolisms don’t always work the way they do in high school and college. They slow down substantially at about 25-30 years old. Therefore, we have sort of a gain on the people who have fast metabolisms. We know how to eat a healthy diet and are able to maintain. They will have a more difficult time adjusting to their new metabolisms once they slow down. So really….we have the advantage! 😀

    But at any rate…….we should be happy for what we have. Some people genetically are obese. Despite lots of working out and eating healthy they just are overweight. I am thankful that even though I don’t have a fast metabolism, I am still able to maintain a healthy weight (when I am not restricting). Hope this helps!

  7. February 24, 2011 10:30 am

    I feel the same way a lot of the time, like everyone else can eat whatever, but if I do I will balloon up. the truth is, we can eat whatever we want as well! ED just doesn’t let us believe that.

    great eats!


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