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Is Today Valentine’s Day?

February 14, 2011

You know guys, I don’t think I could be any more enthusiastic about Valentine’s Day than I am right now. I completely forgot what day it was and couldn’t figure out why my mom was wearing red pants to work. The only chocolate I’ve had was some chocolate protein powder and one of the leftover brownies. I didn’t give out any cards or get any roses. Can’t you just feel my excitement?

These brownies were good, just not incredible. There is sooooo much tweaking that needs to be done to this recipe, and then I’m sure they’ll be amazing!


Ok, sarcasm aside, Valentine’s Day for me was never anything special. I have gotten two pink Ralph Lauren purses and LOTS of chocolate covered strawberries from my dad over the years. Other than that, it’s never been a big one for me.

The chocolate covered strawberries my dad gets are from a local chocolate shop that makes the chocolates on location. It is literally the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten. The chocolate covered Oreos and the dark chocolate raspberry jellies heavenly.

Every year, my dad acts like he didn’t buy the strawberries. Then sometime after dinner, he goes into the basement or garage and comes back with two boxes, one for mommy, and one for me. Each years it’s the same trick. And each year, he thinks he’s so cool for doing it.

This is the food baby that ruined my evening. Seriously, having a big stomach makes me a stressed-out, angry, anxious mess!


Today was another bad day in terms of food. I restricted a little. It wasn’t much, but as I’m trying to gain, even a little restriction is a lot. I think one of the worst “in-the-moment” feelings is feeling fat and having to push through and eat anyway. Right in that instant, I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out. But thankfully, that feeling has passed – for now. I think I can make up for the lost calories by the end of the night. I’m pretty sure some chocolate-covered strawberries will be involved! 🙂


Did you do anything special for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. February 14, 2011 9:46 pm

    My Valentine’s Day sounds a lot like yours! It was pretty much like any normal day and the only chocolate I had was a Kashi Dark Mocha Almond bar…but it was delish 😉
    My parents did send me a really sweet card in the mail so I was excited when I saw it in the mailbox today. It totally made my day.
    I’ve been restricting lately too, and I hate it. And I totally agree that feeling fat and knowing you still should eat is reallyyyyy hard. It sucks. But we can both get through it!
    I hope you enjoy those chocolate-covered strawberries 😀

  2. February 14, 2011 11:00 pm

    lol you’re dad is cute. and those brownies look DELISH!
    you won an award on my blog! Happy valentine’s Day!

  3. Hedda permalink
    February 15, 2011 2:44 am

    You are beautiful, and your father sounds like a good person.
    He loves both you and your mother, and what sweeter way to express that then through some quality chocolate? 😉

    I know how hard it is to eat when you feel “fat” [even though the healthy voice in the back of your mind desperately tries to make the disorded ones shut up], and I want to tell you how strong and great you are for fighting to push through and still eat. Every day counts, every meal counts! Your body is not “fat”, it needs food every single day in order to heal and get back to a healthy and happy state.

    I got a little cup from my mother, haha! How sexy is that, eh? 😉

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