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Snowfall and Manicures

January 21, 2011

Good evening! 

Nothing too exciting happened today. No doctor appointments, no tests, no scans, no therapy.  I woke up to a blanket of fresh snow this morning. According to the lovely people over at News 12 Weather, we’re getting hit with another good amount of snow next Wednesday! It would be the 5th time this winter, and I’m loving it. That is one of the two reasons I LOVE where I live. We actually have seasons. Mild springs, hot summers, pleasant autumns, and cold and snowy winters. And I sure do love snow. The other reason is that I’m a 45 minute car ride from the wonderful NYC, but that’s another story.

Super creamy oatmeal. In the mix: 3/4 cup old-fashioned oats dry, truvia,  1 chopped bartlett pear, 1 tablespoon raisins, and 2 beautiful tablespoons of Smuckers Creamy PB. Washed down with a glass of milk and a bucket-sized mug of coffee.


Because of the snow, mom had a delayed opening. Which ment that she had time to let me make her breakfast. I whipped up the oatmeal that I made myself yesterday, and she loved it! Something happens to oats when you mix in a nut butter. They become creamy beyond belief.  It’s absolutely decadent!

A part of my lunch. 3/4 cup cottage cheese hiding under a crunchy blanket of kashi go lean and honey nut cheerios.


I did my usual school work and then at 3 my friend S drove to my house (Coolest thing to see her driving. She got her permit last week!) When my mom got home, she took us out to a really nice nail salon for a mani-pedi treatment. I got OPI Romeo and Juliet, which is a combination of like maroon and brick-red. I’m a sucker for deep, dark nail polishes during the winter.

Sorry about the awful lighting. It’s nighttime, and these fluorescent lightbulbs give crappy lighting for photos. Maybe a new pic in natural light tomorrow?

My stubby lil’ ballet beaten toesies all Romeo’d up 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to S’s 16th birthday partaaaaaay. Really it’s not that kind of partaaaaaay. It’s more like the kind of party that’s really just a little get together. But it will be fun. I am a tad worried about the food part. It starts at 3 or 4 (I should remember – oops) which, to me, is a bad time for eating. I have gotten so much better about not flipping a total shit when I feel like I’ve eaten “off schedule”, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not anxious. Social eating is something I am working toward doing. Mommy or Daddy eating with me is about as social as I get.

To tell you the truth, I actually have no excuse to worry. I love S and her whole family. She, her little sister, dad, and mom all know about my ED. S and her mom (Momma M) also know about my frequent Dr. appointments and therapy. That entire family always tries to make it as comfy for me as they can. Momma M even offers to cook or buy me separate food. Ya know, now that I’m writing this out, I’m slightly less anxious…which is good! I’ll just have to remind myself that Bryana was invited to this party. ED was not. I’m going to try my hardest tomorrow to make S’s 16th birthday party about the friends and the fun, rather than about the food. I do not want to obsess about whether there will be something “safe” to eat. I just want to enjoy myself with the people I love, who love me.  


Do you like the snow? (Snowball fights, sledding, and snowmen for the win!!!) Or are you a hater? (ugh…shoveling :-() I’m definitely a self-confessed snow lover! Winter is my favorite season. In the stifling summer heat I crave the sharp winter air and fluttering snowfall.

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  1. January 22, 2011 10:02 am

    I’m not a snow fan AT ALL. Ok maybe 3 days during the Christmas season, but after that I’ve had enough :P.

    I hope you enjoy yourself at the party. I’m sure it’ll be better then you expect it to be. Just push your anxiety to the side and ENJOY YOURSELF. You totally deserve it.

    (I love the color on your nails btw. It’s awesome.)

    Take care!

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