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On My Day Off

January 16, 2011

So today was my second day off from dance this week. I always have Fridays off, but not having class/rehearsal on a Sunday is unusual. Unfortunately, today was  kind of anticlimactic. I woke up expecting my day off to be filled with something super fun and it ended up just being sort of…blah. But hey, I’m not complaining. Especially since next week we start weekend rehearsals for Coppelia from 11 to 6.

I woke up at 8:45 and layed in bed until 9 this morning, which is pretty late for me considering I’m usually up at 8. It was pretty much the same deal as it always is at breakfast, my delectable Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal. Except for one day in December, I’ve had this same breakfast every day since October. I guess you could say I’m in a bit of a rut.

I swear this stuff tastes just like pumpkin pie. The pancake syrup and cinnamon really enhances the pumpkin, and the soynut butter makes it oh-so-buttery, just like pie crust. Have you tried soynut butter yet? If not, you need to get on that.


My breakfast pie consisted of:

3/4 cup dry oats cooked rice cooker style in 1 3/4 cups water with a ton o’ cinnamon, 1/3 cup pumpkin puree mixed with truvia and cinnamon, 1 tablespoon pancake syrup (the artificial, chemical laden, low cal crap), and two tablespoons of soynut butter. Along side was my usual huge mug of coffee and a glass of skim milk.

After breakfast I went on the computer for a bit and then my friend texted me to ask if I wanted to go see Black Swan with her. Naturally, because I’m a ballerina, and because Swan Lake is my all time favorite ballet ever,  I said yes. I’ll be honest, the main reason I wanted to see the movie was to criticize Natalie Portman’s dancing.

A nonfat plain chobani mixed with cinnamon and truvia along with 1/3 cup Fiber 1 cereal and 1/3 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal (my fav). I also had a forelle pear, 1/2 a banana, 2 teaspoons of White Chocolate Dreams pb and 2 teaspoons of Smucker’s Organic creamy pb.

At this point, it was getting close to lunch time, so I figured I should eat. One of the major things I’m working on is eating when and because I’m hungry, not because the clock says so. 

As for the movie, I have to say I liked it. It was a good concept and was well done. I can even forgive the dancing, because Natalie’s acting performance was incredible. The movie as a whole wasn’t too scary for me though, which is saying something, ’cause I’m a pretty big wimp.

I dropped my friend off at her house, then got home and made dinner that I forgot to take a picture of. I had two 97% fat-free beef hotdogs with some bread, mustard, bbq sauce, and a pickle. I don’t really eat a lot of meat and don’t even like beef any other way, but for some reason I got a massive hotdog craving.

Afterwards, my mom, dad, and I went to this new Asian supermarket that opened up nearby. The store is huge. And it has such high quality items. And it is super cheap. A three-for-three in my book! We got bananas, some funky looking mushrooms, tofu, and a container of all natural frozen shrimp wonton soup.

Medjool dates stuffed with almond and peanut butter.


After that, I make my first after-dinner snack and settled down to watch the Golden Globes with my mom. I had another nonfat chobani, and a banana plus the other half left over from lunch. I also had 2 teaspoons pb, 1 tablespoon roasted creamy almond butter, and 1/2 tablespoon soynut butter. Again, I forgot to take pictures. It’s something I’m definitely trying to remember. After that snack I waited a bit but was still hungry and ate 1 1/2 medjool dates stuffed with 1/2 tbs pb and 1/2 tbs ab. I also had another chunk of banana and a handful of roasted soynuts. I was surprised at how hungry I was; I was actually a bit of a bottomless pit tonight. But I guess it’s a good thing that I honored my hunger rather than ignoring it.

 I’m not sure why, but I usually eat about 1/3 of my daily calories before 5 in the afternoon, and then eat the other 2/3 in dinner and post dinner snacks. I guess I’m just more comfortable eating larger amounts of food in my own house in a baggy sweatshirt so that I can’t see how much the food is making my stomach stick out. Whatever. At least I eat it, and that’s what’s important. I guess the next step would be to eat without measuring out every single thing . Well…just one step at a time for now.

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